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Hi! I'm Carina.

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I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelors of Science in Health & Exercise Science  Health Promotion. I have been working in the health industry since 2007. I began my own "Inner Self Journey" in 2011.


While working as a Personal Trainer I discovered the power of mindset and how deeply it impacted my clients when applied properly. I also saw that some clients had great success with just Personal Training, yet other needed something "more." I decided to pursue Life Coaching and earn other credentials to be able to deeply support my clients as they work into realms of health, mindset, fitness, habits, healing, self-empowerment, etc.


Now, I am a Professional Life Coach who also offers Personal Training, Health Coaching, TRE, Yoga, Mindfulness, and support in any or all of those realms. I love what I do and I was meant for this. 

My Certifications:

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