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testimonial how to create change

Steph, Writer

I'll begin with the context of my work with Carina: I've seen many practitioners over the years, and each offered different therapies for personal growth, such as cognitive behavioural techniques, spiritual healing, somatic experiencing, emotional release, past life work, trauma recovery, and life coaching. Many provided great results, but what's tremendous about Carina is that she has it all! 


As a life coach, she has a broad and all-encompassing capacity, a wealth of experience, and an extensive coaching tool-kit. Carina is both practical and well-structured in her approach, but also extremely intuitive, empathic and spontaneous, allowing every session to move organically in the direction of your ultimate goal.  I have never had a session with Carina where I didn't get what I'd asked for and needed in some way by the end. She is exceptional at being the vehicle that supports you in meeting your own desired results.  Many times I have been shocked at how suddenly and out-of-nowhere a meandering session will align directly with the root of an issue, and then transform it.  


Carina holds a safe, respectful, and light-hearted coaching space, where I always feel both challenged and entirely accepted. She has done the work within herself to draw out the best in me, and she does so with humility, compassion, patience and fun! I am incredibly grateful to have found her - and I suspect you are too!

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