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Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

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TRE® is a series of gentle exercises that enables the body to release stored tension from the nervous system; this often allows muscles to relax and the body to calm. TRE is a fantastic tool for if you are feeling "stuck," fatigued, stressed, have trouble sleeping, have experienced physical or emotional trauma, or feel like your body's "fight/flight" response is constantly "on." 


I guide groups and individuals through the process of learning TRE. I hold space, provide learning materials, and have set-up my program to enable you to safely and successful practicing TRE on your own after completion. 


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"Letting go is not for the purpose of forgetting or forgiving the past. It is about releasing the energy of the past to give us back our lives in the present." -David Berceli
Services Offered:

Are you interested to learn more about TRE? Would you like 1-on-1 sessions + support through the process of allowing the nervous system (and muscles) to release tension?


You will be provided learning material and self-practice support in  addition to learning TRE with your TRE Practitioner. We all deserve to be present to live our best life! 

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TRE was originally created for groups who have experienced  tension, trauma, or stress where therapy for masses were not available.

Group TRE is extremely beneficial for teams who regularly experience intense situations, where stress is high, or where the body's "fight/flight" response is "on."


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